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Dulcinea Circelli:  MIDNIGHT JOBS IN WONDERLAND (novel)

Joseph A. Dane:  RONDO FOR RENYS (story collection);  MORNING RECITAL:  In Three Movements  (verse);  ELEGY FOR ELOISE (memoir)

Nathan Dane II:  THERSITES:  Homer’s Ugliest Man (novella)

Pearson DeJohns:  VACANCES (novel [juvenalia]); ACCIDENT VICTIMS (novel; rev. ed.);   SEASCAPES (novel);  w/ Joseph A. Dane:  THE LAST DAYS OF CHAIR M. ANNE DOW (epistolary novel)

Percival Everett:  TWO STORIES:  “Knowledge” and “Parts of Brain–Its Functions”

Richard Fliegel:  BOOTLEG BROADCAST (speculative fiction);  YOUNG AND PRETTY IN BAY CITY (novel)

James R. Kincaid:  JOYS OF PUMMELING  (stories); LOOKING BACKWARD  (stories);   VIDTH AND VISDOM  (stories);  TAKING LIFE UNFURNISHED (stories); JUST WALLY AND ME (novel);  THE COURT MARTIAL OF LT. CALLEY (play in 2 acts)


John Ladley:  POEMS (1960-1985)

Marina Romani:  CHIAROSCURO EYE  (poems)

John Carlos Rowe,  AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF CARLOS:  LA Memory   (memoir); AMERICAIN (epic)

William C. Watterson:  RECOLLECTING SNOW (poems)