2 thoughts on “Joseph A. Dane: Rondo for Renys | Morning Recital | Elegy for Eloise

  1. I am reading around MORNING RECITAL, learning all sorts of bits about my friend, especially his love of music and knowledge of it. I thought I knew about his sailing, but there is much more here to which I must return to learn. Of the Lindas, Janes and Linda Janes I’m getting some better ideas, not so much the biography but the poetry. Now have to return to RONDO FOR RENYS and begin to interweave the poetry and prose for their tropery, which is lovely, tangible, tactile. Just a start, with more to breathe, for which I am grateful. . .


  2. You thought you KNEW the author–or thought you’d be better off not knowing. WRONG either way. This is tough prose and a tender sensibility, somehow cohabiting–never doing battle.


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